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Anecdotes in Japan

In this page, you can find anecdotes in Japan.
Most of them are closely related to the things and affairs presented in this Website. 
They can be roughly classified in 5 categories: Rice, Soy, Tea, Personages and Others.
Please make full use of  the following filter to quickly access each article. 

To tell the truth, most of the contents and sentences here don’t satisfy me yet.

Some of them are too profound for me to talk about clearly.

But I always love to listen or read anecdotes in Japan and the themes I’ve introduced here always attract me so much.

So, I keep on studying them and revising the contents frequently. 

Therefore, I’m happy if you visit here frequently, even if the contents don’t satisfy  you this time.


Furthermore, I’d like to make a more effective approach, if possible.

Contact me directly through the contact form,  if you have questions. 

I believe this approach will directly benefit  both you and me.