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Welcome to Reviendrai site.
On this website, you can find the information below:

1. Unique Japanese Pottery creations

It is well known that Japanese pottery including bowls and plates has played a very important role in Japanese cuisine.
Because Japanese foods appeal to both your pallet and eyes.
But even if what you cook is not Japanese cuisine, the distinctive appearance of Japanese pottery will stir up your imagination.

2. Traditional Japanese foods

It is interesting to categorise traditional Japanese foods from the viewpoint of Rice, Soy and Tea.
Because these three are the marrow of Japanese foods and culture.

3. Voyages in Japan

I’m always dreaming of introducing all the prefectures in Japan.
But as there are 47 prefectures, I know it’s quite difficult to cover all of them.
Therefore, as starters, I prepared two special tour programs in Shizuoka and Niigata,
mainly from the viewpoints of Rice, Soy , Tea and pottery
In addition, you can find some videos for very short virtual trips.

4. Anecdotes in Japan

I collected many stories about Rice, Soy , Tea and pottery.
But some stories could not be clearly categorised in these 4 themes.
Because some of them cover derivative themes and some dig a bit too deeper.
Therefore, I had to give them a new category.
After deep contemplation, I’ve given them a category of “Anecdotes in Japan”, although I’m not sure this usage is correct.
I’d be very happy if you could teach me their real one.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us through contact form.