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In this website, you can find the
information about Unique pottery and Japanese foods, that is to say, 
1.  Japanese Pottery creations.
2. Japanese Traditional Food

As for unique pottery, I’d like to mainly offer information about concrete works.
It is well known that Japanese pottery including bowls and plates has played a very important role in Japanese cuisine.
Because Japanese foods appeal to both your pallet and eyes.
But even if what you cook is not Japanese cuisine, the quaint appearance of Japanese pottery will stir up your imagination.

As for Japanese foods, I’d like to develop them mainly from the viewpoint of Rice, Soy and Tea
Because these three are the marrow of Japanese foods and culture. 
Please pick up useful information to enhance your dining possibilities.

In addition, you could find some anecdotes and tour information on this website. I believe these stories make your trips more interesting, meaningful and unforgettable.