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Unique Japanese Foods and Trips


 Unique Japanese
 Foods and Trips

In this website, you can find unique information about  Japanese Foods and Trips.
More concretely, 
1. stories about Japanese Traditional Food
2. information about sightseeing spots.

As for 1. stories, I’d like to develop them mainly from the viewpoint of Rice, Soy and Tea
Because these three are the marrow of Japanese culture. 
As for 2. information, I’d like to categorize them in accordance with the viewpoint of  prefectures.
Because Japan is a long country and the culture is different in each prefecture.
As a result, it is quite interesting to get the picture of sightseeing spots focusing on prefectures.

Enjoy your Virtual Trip and find your favorite destinations in Japan.
I believe these stories make your trips more interesting, meaningful and unforgettable.