Samurai Castles

1. Video

Firstly, let me present to you a YouTube video :

【Prince Aojiru】Japanese Samurai Castles

In this video, Prince Aojiru, one of the most famous young millionaires in Japan, visits five famous Samurai castles remaining in Japan.

1) Nagoya castle
2) Inuyama castle
3) Matsue Castle
4) Marugame Castle
5) Himeji Castle
6) Maruoka Castle

2. Let’s enjoy Samurai world

Next, let me introduce two unique programs. By participating in them, you can vividly experience the Samurai world inherited until today. 

1) SAMURAI Project

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【 Kanagawa / Kamakura 】
Kamakura is a popular tourist destination not only for Japanese but also for foreign visitors. Because, it is a place where many Japanese traditions have been preserved along with nature. In addition, it is the birthplace of two important things in Japanese history. 1) Kamakura Shogunate, known as the samurai regime 2) Japanese Zen Here in Kamakura, SAMURAI Project offers you a unique Japanese cultural experience.
Surprisingly, the project is held 
at Kigen-in hall of Engaku-ji temple which is usually not open to the public. As a note, Engaku-ji is famous for being one of the five great Rinzai Zen temples of Kamakura. Undoubtedly, your time spent in a beautiful Japanese garden, the main hall of the temple and the tea room might be a very special experience.

This plan offers the following experiences:
– Japanese Kimono (In summer, yukata) with a hakama
Zen meditation
– Practice with a wooden sword
– Trial with a real sword
– Relaxation at 80 year old tea house

2) Making a samurai knife

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【Gifu / Hashima】
Experience forging – a traditional craftsmanship.
You can try hammering, filing with a gold rasp, sharpening and quenching processes. You might be excited to see how a piece of metal is reborn as a knife. It is a great opportunity to experience a traditional craftsmanship.​ ​
Enjoy learning from the swordsmith. Forging a knife requires many steps and time. It will take about 7 hours to complete. Even if you are forging for the first time, it is okay because the swordsmith teaches it.
For lunch, a handmade lunch will be prepared. But requests regarding ingredients or seasonings cannot be accepted. Customers with dietary restrictions may bring their own lunch.​ ​
Ask anything about your work as a swordsmith or knife making tips.
It is a samurai knife making experience where you can learn various things while having fun!

<Limited number of participants policy>
Up to 4 people. More people join, more discounts offered.